Woolston Eyes - the Magazine of the Church of the Ascension

July 2017


As I write, we are enjoying some fabulously warm and sunny weather.  There’s a feeling of joy in the air, and a sense of freedom now that summer is finally here.  However, my sense is that unlike other years there is also a feeling of sadness and uncertainty that underlies the feelings of summer.  In just the last three months we have seen four terror attacks, the Grenfell Tower fire, a snap general election, and the start of Brexit talks.  One of these events alone would cause us to question and feel at sea.  However, all seven events, so close together, have the ability to shake us to the core.

This morning I led collective worship (assembly) in one of our schools.  I was talking about the story of the wise and foolish builders, and where our wisdom comes from.  Thinking of this, and the events of recent weeks I’m led to 1 Corinthians 3:10-13.  In this passage, Paul talks about how Christ Jesus is our foundation, and to put anyone or anything else in his place risks our integrity and ultimately our salvation.

It is very easy to read this passage and think of the choices made by those who refurbished Grenfell Tower.  Current news reports suggest that choices were made to put money before the safety of people.  It is very easy for us to look upon those with responsibility for Grenfell and other tower blocks and make this judgement.  However, in these uncertain times of Brexit, terrorism and disaster, where are our own foundations?

I would like to suggest that rather than hiding away in fear, or casting judgement on the actions of others, in these uncertain times we should reflect on our own foundations.  Can each of us truly say that our foundations, our wisdom, comes from Jesus?  That all of our choices, decisions and actions reflect the life of Jesus?

In the autumn, I hope to run a Christian basics course; something a bit like Alpha.  It will run for 6 weeks.  If you are unsure of your answer, or you would like a refresher to remind you that your foundations as a Christian are in Jesus, this would be a good opportunity for you.  Also, in the autumn we have a team confirmation service at The Church of the Resurrection, Cinnamon Brow.  If you want to know more about confirmation, or are thinking about being confirmed, I would also encourage you to come along.  More details will be in the weekly notice sheet.

However, for now, in these uncertain and turbulent days may we hold fast to the words of Paul in 1 Corinthians 3:23 “and you are of Christ, and Christ is of God.”


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