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December 2017/January 2018


Why is Christmas good?

Christmas is good for all sorts of reasons.  We see family and friends, receive gifts, give gifts, marvel at the decorations and glowing lights, enjoy rich food; and of course, there is the Sunday School answer too … ‘Jesus!


 Christmas is a time that takes us on a journey, a journey with Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and the wise men, as they experience Christmas for the first time.  We journey as we reflect on the Christmas story through time in church singing carols and hearing readings.


There are many different events that will take place in our churches this Advent and Christmas.  Many of these events will be things you have been to in previous years.  You probably have your favourite

event or service, one that really makes Christmas what it is for you.  It might be the Nativity Service, the Carol Service, Midnight Communion, or the Christingle.  Or it could be one of our many social events.  It doesn’t matter what service or event it is, what matters is that you hear the Good News of Jesus’ birth afresh, and that it inspires and encourages you in your journey of faith.


This Christmas, our Bishop, Bishop Paul is encouraging us to bring one friend to church.  We probably all have friends and family who don’t come to church or used to come to church regularly.  If there is something you particularly enjoy about Christmas at church, there’s a good chance your close family and friends will enjoy it too.  Christmas is an ideal time to invite someone to church, because many people want to feel like they’ve done Christmas properly and acknowledged the religious side of it in some way.  So an invitation from you to something that you really enjoy might just be the encouragement they need to come along.  As a colleague of mine says, the invitation is as simple as saying “I’m going, it’s going to be good, why don’t you come too?”

I’m sure you’ll agree that it would be wonderful to see all of our services full over Christmas. I promise you that the services will be good.


 We have produced nice invitations that you can give to friends and family, and we’re spreading the word on Facebook.  However, nothing beats a personal invitation, and that’s where you come in.  If you’d like to see church full over Christmas you need to say to someone “I’m going, it’s going to be good, why don’t you come too?”      Rev Rebecca          

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