Great News!

There is a growing sense of excitement here at the Ascension now that July is here!

We have two very special occasions to look forward to; first on the 20th, Revd Amanda will be licensed as Priest in Charge/Ordained Lead Evangelist of the Western Isles Region and Centre of Mission. A grand title indeed! Amanda has always loved the region round Glencoe and has spent most of her holidays there, so it is a special bonus for her that she will be living in St Mary's Rectory in Glencoe village itself. Several members of the congregation are making the trip to Scotland to be present at the service, to support Revd Amanda who has herself given great support to us and to Revd Rebecca during the last few years.

The following week, on Friday July 28th at 1.30pm, we are looking forward to witnessing the marriage of Revd Rebecca and her fiance Revd Michael. We have got to know Mike pretty well in the last few months during his visits to Woolston and are looking forward to his becoming a permanent member of the congregation and the parish. We are delighted that Rebecca has found someone to share her life with and who will help and support her in her ministry here. Our very best wishes go to them both for a lovely wedding day and a life filled with happiness and joy.

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